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When it comes to label and packaging printing services, International Label & Printing has got it covered!

We can provide virtually any product or service imaginable!

We're experts at custom pressure sensitive labels and packaging. But that's only the beginning. We also do design work, decals, die-cut vinyl and plastic signage, OCR/barcoding, promotional products, sales kits, UV coating, thermal products, and much more!

To learn more about the many products and services we offer, please contact one of our representatives.

Make us your source for Full Commercial and Specialty Printing

Markets Served

Food & Beverage: The food and beverages industry is all companies involved in processing raw food materials, packaging, and distributing them. This includes fresh, prepared foods as well as packaged foods, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Any product meant for human consumption, aside from pharmaceuticals, passes through this industry. 

Consumer Goods are products bought for consumption by the average consumer. Alternatively called final goods, consumer goods are the end result of production and manufacturing and are what a consumer will see stocked on the store shelf. Clothing, food, and jewelry are all examples of consumer goods.

Industrial Application labels are an important part of the manufacturing process. Used for a variety of applications like track and trace, WIP, compliance and unique identification, industrial labels must be durable and survive extreme environments like abrasion, heat, cold temperatures, chemicals and solvent exposure.

"POP" stands for “point-of-purchase” and refers to anything that customers interact with in-store when they are deciding whether or not to purchase a product. 
"POS" stands for “point-of-sale” and refers to the actual transaction that occurs when the customer buys the product. 
Signage can be promotional, informative, help people with directions and express a message.


Label Printing: A label is a piece of paper, plastic film, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or product, on which is written or printed information or symbols about the product or item. Labels have many uses, including promotion and providing information on a product's origin, manufacturer (e.g., brand name), use, shelf-life and disposal, some or all of which may be governed by legislation such as that for food in the UK or United States.

Digital Printing: Digital label printers are cost effective and include electrographic presses as well as single-pass and multi-pass inkjet printing devices that output digital files directly onto rolls of papers, films, foils, and other materials that can be converted into different types and sizes of labels.

Large Format Printing: Large format printing can be utilized on all sorts of marketing materials. From posters and banners to stickers and decals, quality large format printing can get your business noticed, no matter what medium you use.

Offset Printing: In this process, printed images are transferred, or “offset,” from a metal printing plate to a rubber blanket and then rolled onto the printing surface like a stamp. The printing surface is usually, but not always, paper.